About us


Our mission is to develop and enhance creative thinking and problem-solving skills in children in grades K-8
through the processes of invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship-
while encouraging interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

We support a variety of educational programs

WNY Invention Convention represents students from public, private, charter, home schools, and Scout programs.
Students in these programs develop creative solutions to problems they encounter in their daily lives.

Western New York is a hub of Innovation every Spring

Many schools and programs hold their own Invention Convention to showcase the effort of their students.
From this pool, they select up 15 inventions to represent their schools at the WNY Invention Convention. Other important dates

Months of brainstorming, model-making and research are evident in the displays created by the students.
Even more powerful is the sense of pride shown on each student’s face and in conversation as they speak to the judges.
Inventions are scored on how well they meet a need or solve a problem, creativity and value, and overall presentation quality.

Check out the Gallery page and see some previous winners.

Join our Mission

We are proud to provide a forum which encourages creativity and critical thinking and trains educators to pass on these skills.
It has been said that creativity is America’s last remaining competitive advantage.
Who better to develop the potential of this resource than those within our own community?
Your support of Western New York Invention Convention has impact!

Please join us and help showcase the rich creativity of our young inventors.

Board of Directors

Our Board Members are a diverse group of talented individuals- representing many companies throughout Western New York.

Please contact us if you’d like to support and advance our mission by donating your skills and knowledge to our program.


Our judges are professionals from all over WNY. They represent many industries:
Electronics, Architecture, Digital Content, Medicine, Consumer Products, Engineering, Law, Safety, Science, and more.
You can learn about how the judges score the inventions here.
Please contact us if you’d like to become a judge.