How to Participate

Schedule for 2022 WNY Invention Convention

ONGOING Inventors Start/Finish/Improve/Film their Inventions

Download our forms and guidelines which include:

•   Presentation Guidelines for Online Event (NEW!!! Lots of info about how to create the required Video Presentation)
•   Student Invention Logbook (Required for 2022)
•   Original Invention Development Guidelines
•   Goodwill Industries Re-Invent Guidelines
•   Scoring Rubric Form (this is used by the Judges and can help your students refine their presentations)

03/01/22 Registration for WNYIC opens

Register Inventor and Inventions at

This is the place where ALL information is stored, including the Photos & Presentation Video links that are accessed by the Online Judges.*

It is recommended that the parent/caregiver assists in registering the inventor. If there is an issue with access, then it is recommended that the teacher assists.

A maximum of 15 Inventions may be submitted by each program. A school-based invention event is NOT required for 2022 Event

04/30/22 Registration Closes

All materials (Video Submission, Photos, Inventor Logbook, and any supporting docs) must be uploaded and registration fees must be paid

This deadline includes the decision to attend/not attend the Inventor Showcase event which is LIVE at the Buffalo Museum of Science. The decision to attend this OPTIONAL event will NOT affect the online judging- all awards will be ADDITIONAL.

05/01/22 Online Judging Begins

All Category and Grade Awards will be based on the Online Video Submissions and supporting material associated with the Video submissions.

05/15/22 9:15AM Inventor Showcase Participants register and receive their Interview Times

Park in the front lot and follow the signs! Showcase participants in this optional event will be judged in-person on their Confidence, Clarity & Communication skills. These are separate awards from the online video submissions and have no bearing on the Invention Category Awards, Grade Awards or participation at the National Invention Convention. All students who cannot participate in person will be mailed a T-shirt, a Certificate and any prizes won.

05/15/22      10:00-1:00 Inventor Showcase Judging, Media Interviews, Museum Tours, Food Trucks, & more

All inventors and their families are encouraged to attend the Museum- even if they’re not participating in the Inventors Showcase!

05/15/22 1:30-2:30 Western New York Awards Ceremony at the Buffalo Museum of Science

To accommodate our participants across NYS, attendance is optional but highly encouraged.  All Online winners and Inventor Showcase winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony (held in the Auditorium), and the event will be streamed live. A link to the awards ceremony will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

We hope everyone will attend our live, socially distanced event. Good luck – we look forward to seeing you!

06/01 – 06/03/22 National Invention Convention at The Henry Ford, Dearborn, MI

Our Top 5 Winners will be invited to attend the National Invention Convention event to present their inventions on a national stage. Financial support is provided thanks to our generous sponsors.